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5 Tips for Choosing a Topic for your Thesis

Sep 29 2014

Choosing a new and original topic for your thesis can be almost as challenging as writing the paper! Here are 5 tips for choosing a topic for your thesis.

It's important to choose your topic carefully in order to avoid encountering problems later down the line. In this blog we'll give you 5 tips for choosing a topic for your thesis.

What aspect of your study interests you?

You're going to be spending a LOT of time reading around, thinking about and writing about this topic so it's important that you choose something that interests you or it will be a long, hard slog. Think about which areas of your study have caught your interest and choose a topic that you know you will enjoy.

Read around the topic

Once you know roughly which area you want to focus on for your dissertation it's time to read around the topic. Pick up papers and publications that interest you and read them carefully in order to get acquainted with the topic and generate some ideas.

Think about unresolved questions and issues you’ve encountered in your studies

Think about your chosen area of study in context to topics and questions you’ve encountered during your studies. Think about topical issues that you could relate to the subject area and questions you could ask to give your chosen area of study context.

Ask yourself is this an original idea?

Once you think you've come up with a topic for your thesis ask yourself whether your idea is original. If your topic has been studied before you can still create a unique idea by choosing a new methodology, narrowing down your research, or looking for a specific outcome.

Make sure you have the skills and the resources

Before you embark on your thesis make sure that you're being realistic. Think about the question that you're asking and the methodology that you are going to use. Before you get started make sure that you are going to be able to get access to the research materials that you need and have sufficient resources and time to complete your study.