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5 Essentials for Surviving Writing your Thesis

Sep 30 2014

Writing your thesis can be an all-consuming task that takes over your life in the months leading up to your deadline.

We've come up with 5 essentials that every student needs in order to survive writing their thesis.

Dry shampoo

This may sound like a girly essential but trust me it's not. Late nights, early mornings, studying all day in your pyjamas, does this sound familiar? When you're writing your thesis all normal routine can go out the window, including showering. No one wants to be spotted looking liking a tired vagabond, so when one day starts to disappear into the next with no clear beginning or end it's time to reach for the dry shampoo.

Comfortable clothing

Sitting at a desk or in front of a computer for hours on end can be frustrating. Give yourself a break by breaking out the lounge pants and baggy jumpers so that at least you can study in comfort.


All that studying requires plenty of coffee breaks so it's important to invest in a reliable thermos flask. If you're a student writing a thesis then you probably won't have the money to be paying for lots of coffees on-the-go, so brew up in the morning and keep your flask with you for a caffeine hit when you're out and about.

Post-it notes and highlighter pens

When you're writing your thesis you will probably find yourself reading about 10 different texts at any one time and trying to jot down notes and sections to reference from each one, so you can never have enough post-it notes and highlighters!

MP3 player

When you're studying for hours on end it's easy for your mind to wander or become distracted. Carry your MP3 player with you at all times and make sure you have music loaded onto it that won't distract you further. Instrumental albums make great writing music and will help to block out background noise so that you can get 'in the zone'.