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5 Tips For Starting Your Stamp Collection

Oct 16 2014

Stamp collecting is one of the most common hobbies and shared by people all across the world. Finding and getting new stamps can help you learn about the history of stamps and the countries they come from. With stamps taking the form of almost anything, they are their own miniature works of art. At Walter Newbury we can help bring your collection together with our variety of stamp albums.

Start with the everyday

If you want to start a stamp collection then you need to keep your eye open to your every day routine. Letters you receive may have various stamps on them particularly if you get mail from abroad in the form of postcards or things from oversees friends and family. You could even ask other people to help you build your collection by saving any stamps that come through their letterbox.

Go further afield

Particularly if you are just getting started, stamp dealers or hobby stores are a good way of getting hold of inexpensive packets of stamps. You will be able to find a variety of stamps this way, from all over the world. There may even be a stamp club you can join in your local area where you could trade stamps amongst other members.

Sign up to newsletters

Do some research online and sign up to relevant newsletters which will notify you of new stamp releases or places to find old stamps. The Royal Mail is known for releasing special stamps from time to time so keep up to date with any of their new releases so that you can purchase these designs.


Separate into categories

Ordering your stamp collecting book will make it look more tidy and professional. To begin with it might be hard to separate into categories but as you collect more and more you may see distinct ways of grouping your stamps. Examples for categories might be events, travel, children’s, animals, sports, or transport.

Consider an overall theme

Once you have started building up your collection you may decide to focus on something specific and stick to having an overall theme in your stamp collection. Many people have a particular preference over collecting either mint or used stamps, whilst some collect only airmail or coil stamps for example. Opting for certain shapes or colours is also a nice way of personalising your collection. Make it fun for you!

At Walter Newbury we have a huge variety of stamp albums to suit all preferences. Choose between cover colour, style, binding, embossing and number of pages to get your stamp collection started. For more information about our products and services contact us today.