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How to put your wedding album together

Apr 10 2015

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life, and one you’ll want to remember forever. However, memories fade over time, but photographs don’t. Hold onto your special day by creating a wonderful wedding photo album that you can treasure forever. Here at Walter Newbury Ltd we produce exquisite hand-bound photo albums that are perfect for storing your memories of your wedding day, and here are our top tips for creating the perfect wedding album...

  • Pick your favourite photos – Choose your absolute favourite photos to go in your wedding album, not just the ones you think should go in there. Perhaps there are some that make you laugh or remind you of a really special moment from your big day. Even if they’re not perfect posed shots they should still be included as they capture the essence of your day perfectly.
  • Think chronologically – Your album should tell the story of your special day. Start off with the bridal prep shots, followed by the ceremony, and finish with the reception, just as you did on the day! You could always group the posed bride and groom shots and the wedding party group shots together too.
  • Make it colourful – Black and white photos are timeless and classy, but colour photos will help you to remember the colours, smells, and ambience of the day better. Include a good mixture of both colour and black and white photos in your wedding album for good balance.
  • Match the album to the size of your wedding – If you had a big, elaborate wedding then it’s likely that your photographer will have taken a lot of shots and you may need a rather large album or several albums to hold all of your favourite shots from the day. On the other hand if you had a small, intimate wedding them keep your wedding album simple on the same scale.
  • Don’t forget your walls – Pick your favourite photos for your album, but also make sure that you select some of them to display around your home too. Have some of your photos framed or printed onto canvas so that you can enjoy reliving your big day as you go about your daily business at home.