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5 Reasons Visitor Books Are A Good Idea

Nov 19 2014

They may seem a bit dated but there are still many good reasons why you should use visitor books. It is still traditional in many public facilities such as churches, museums, galleries and institutions to have visitor books. Businesses like B&Bs and some hotels can also gain from having visitor books. At Walter Newbury we have a selection of leather visitor books to add a classic touch for your guests.

Gain feedback

Perhaps the first reason for having a visitor book is in order to gain feedback. Your visitors will be able to write down whatever they have particularly enjoyed as well as anything they think could be amended. This will help you as an owner to make changes so that your business or building is in the best condition it can be, to better serve and please your guests.

Provides recommendations

Particularly in the case of businesses receiving regular custom, visitor books are a way of providing recommendations and encouraging more people to visit. If people see that others have enjoyed their stay or visit they are likely to take the time to visit as well and/or part with their money.

Catalogue memories

A nice thing for business or building owners is to have a record of who has passed through the door. Especially when visitors are known on a more personal level such as in B&Bs or some smaller institutions, visitor books will recall memories of past guests. Looking back on this can be rewarding and special to an owner.

Contact details

In most cases, visitor books ask visitors to provide contact details. This is a great way of further encouraging business from previous guests. Email addresses, telephone details, or home addresses can all be used to send out news and information about your business. Signing visitors up to a regular newsletter or contacting them about offers and deals can not only increase business but widen your network of contacts as they are likely to tell their friends too. Also, you may wish to stay in touch with certain guests so this is a simple way to do that.

Opens up global connections

You may receive visitors from all over the world. Visitor books build global connections and bring people together from every angle or avenue. In the case of churches, many religious people will seek comfort in reading about other visitors' experiences there, finding a sense of further closeness to their God and fellow worshippers.

Large-scale businesses can promote to a wider audience if they have a document of guests from across the globe. Showing people how successful your business is regardless of cultural or ethnical background, or language, will make your business seem more friendly to people visiting from outside the country.

Have a look at our full range of classic, traditional and plain leatherette visitor books. If you have any questions for us here at Walter Newbury don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We pride ourselves on quality products.