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5 Essential Concentration-boosting Foods for Writers

Jan 05 2015

Writing a large body of text is always a challenge; whether you’re writing an essay, your dissertation or your first novel you need to muster up as much energy, concentration and inspiration as humanly possible. We have compiled a list of writing super foods which are essential when concentration is required for long periods of time.

Whole grains

As any marathon runner knows carbohydrates provide a slow release of energy; this quality is also required by marathon writers! It is crucial to start the day right; if you have a long day at the keyboard ahead of you make sure to fuel up with a bowl of whole grain cereal or a few slices of whole grain toast. Not only will they fill you up for longer, allowing you to focus on your writing rather than your rumbling stomach, an initial meal of unrefined carbohydrates is said to help sustain mental focus for longer.


Again, usually associated with athletes, bananas are also excellent for maintaining concentration levels. Just as tennis players snack on them for quick boosts of energy, novelists and essayists should snack on them for boosts of brain energy and focus. We all know that potassium is essential to athletes’ muscles during sport but it is also essential for the brain too; as a bonus, it also keeps your nerves and heart in excellent condition.

Water and green tea

Although not strictly a food, water and green tea are two of the most important substances on the list. Water is essential for everything that happens in your body. If you don’t drink enough water while writing not only will you be distracted by your parched mouth, your brain won’t be able to focus or function anywhere near as well as if it was fully hydrated. Similarly, instead of instinctively making yourself a cup of coffee when you start to lose focus, reach for a bag of green tea instead. Whereas coffee is associated with caffeine jitters the natural caffeine found within green tea keeps the brain alert in a much more organic way.

Seeds and nuts

It is no secret that seeds and nuts are filled with vitamins and minerals. Although many people avoid snacking on nuts, as they are high in calories and fats, they are still exceptionally good for you with the benefit of not containing trans fats or as many saturated fats as processed foods. Snacking on nuts while writing not only gives you something to do when the creativity starts to lull they also provide your body and brain with boosts of energy to keep you focussed and motivated for longer.


You may be able to see a pattern emerging here: all of the foods on this list are completely natural. It is no surprise that processed foods are not known for their concentration-boosting qualities, and blueberries are no exception to this rule. Due to the antioxidants, for which blueberries are well known, they allow the oxygen and blood to flow more easily throughout the body and brain. Because of this, they are one of the most highly and widely recommended foods to help boost concentration with the bonus of also tasting amazing!