Walter Newbury Binding

Walter Newbury Binding has been binding books for over a century. Our reputation for Quality, Craftsmanship and Knowledge has led to commissions at the highest levels.

We have bound printed material for the Royal Family (the menus for the Queen Mother) and Parliament (leather bound books for the Upper Table in the House of Commons, the Question & Answer binder for Tony Blair and the leather bound copies of the Hansard Parliamentary Debates for No.10 Downing Street).

We have even bound special full bound treaties in chieftain leather for NATO, special visitors books bound in crocodile skin with engraved gold ingots for the Sultan of Brunei and the Top Cadets Prizes for Sandhurst.

Walter Newbury is one of the few remaining companies which retains the traditional skills of edge gilding and marbling. We also specialise in conservation and restoration.

Although our work for the great and the good is important to us, we bring the same qualities of thoroughness and craftsmanship to our smaller contracts and to our work creating binders, photo albums and social books for some of the country's top stores.


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