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Moving Forward

Walter Newbury - how to find us

Moving Forward

In 1895 when Walter Newbury decided to follow the career of bookbinder, he chose as his motto the word "Thoroughness". For bookbinding is indeed a craft where that word in particular contributes to ultimate success, as has been the case with Walter Newbury ever since.

It is the current Managing Director Glen Standage's opinion that it is this adhesion to Walter Newbury’s motto "Thoroughness", with its values of Quality, Craftsmanship and Knowledge, that has seen the Company through more than one hundred years of business.

After over a century of bookbinding at our original premises (Grangewood House, East London), Walter Newbury moved to the Dagenham Business Centre on 2nd December 2013. It's an exciting new beginning for our company, whose skilled loyal family of craftsmen and women, have helped build our reputation as one of the best traditional quality bookbinders in the country.

We will move forward working together with our 21st century technology to supply thoroughness and craftsmanship into all the work we do, bookbinding, restoration, thesis printing and binding, comb and spiral binding, gilding, stamp albums, personalisation and all of our bespoke work.