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Creative Scrapbooking Ideas

Oct 02 2014

Keeping a diary can be a nice idea for documenting your thoughts but scrapbooking is a more creative way of holding onto memories and inspirations. At Walter Newbury we understand the importance of keeping things together in one place which is why our products are professionally hand-crafted and can be personalised. If you are struggling to start your scrapbook have a look at our creative ideas.

Use Polaroids, vintage photographs or newspaper cuttings

Finding old photographs is a treat for anyone interested in their heritage. The quality of vintage photographs gives them something special which modern photographs do not have. If you're a keen photographer though and don't want to delve through your attic for old photographs, why not buy a Polaroid camera. Your images will instantly become more appealing and look good on paper! Sifting through old newspapers might bring inspiration too, from images to titles, or whole articles.



Stamp letters instead of writing

Stamps may be a thing in all children's stationery collections but that doesn't mean they can't look more professional too. Stamping letters instead of writing out words will break up the written style of your scrapbook. Good for headings or captions, stamps will make your words stand out instantly from the page. For a vintage look try using stamps with a typewriter font. Also, you could use stamps to act as crests, mimicking wax prints left in days gone by to seal envelopes.

Stick with tape not glue

You might be used to reaching for the glue but using masking tape, plaster tape or parcel tape are all artistic alternatives. Stick with these neutral colours for a more professional finish in your scrapbook. The tape will not only keep your things in place but it will add another element of character to the page.

Collect things from your travels

Whether its stamps, coins, tickets, maps – there is no limit to what you can collect when you are out and about. Think about how you could incorporate these into your scrapbook. You might want to do a specific page about a day at the beach so whilst you're there collect shells and other beach debris such as rope or driftwood. Gather your memories together as creatively as you can by collecting anything and everything before you choose what to use.



Textiles and fabrics give texture

Add another dimension to your scrapbook by using mixed-media. Textiles items such as buttons and ribbons, as well as fabrics, will give a new layer to each page. Don't be afraid to experiment, particularly if you do not usually handle crafts. If you are more accomplished with textiles you could try sewing things for your scrapbook, or even sewing straight into the pages!

At Walter Newbury we sell quality scrapbooks for the keen collector and enthusiast. Our leather-bound volumes come in a variety of different sizes and rich vibrant colours. We can personalise your item by embossing names and dates. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our services.

(All images via Pinterest)