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Why Should You Keep A Diary?

Nov 03 2014

Diaries may be associated with teenagers but many people find the process of keeping a diary very rewarding. Whatever your age, gender or background, diaries are not exclusive to a certain sector. Here at Walter Newbury we believe in the importance of writing and record keeping. Have a look at our top five reasons why you should start keeping a diary.

As a therapeutic release

Perhaps the thing that diaries are most associated for is as a way of writing how you are feeling or what you are thinking at a particular time. Many psychologists and therapists encourage their patients to keep a diary, as it is a way to release the build up of emotion or thought. Particularly in the case of negative emotions such as extreme sadness, anxiety or stress, diaries can act as a therapeutic release. Once your thoughts or feelings are on paper it can be easier to address them more clearly.

Improve writing and language skills

Diaries are one of the building blocks of writing. You only have to look to famous diaries such as The Diary of Anne Frank, Sylvia Plath's letters and journals, or the erotic musings of Anaïs Nin. Many authors begin from writing diaries, as a way of collecting their thoughts and recording their inspirations. Diary keeping can improve your writing skills, both creatively and more literally, as well as your general language skills. It may even be a good way of further challenging yourself and your learning by writing in a different language.

Appreciate successes and learn from mistakes

It can be easy to forget what we achieve in a day so diaries act as a chance to make a note of the good things that you have done. You may have overcome a particular challenge, been complimented for your work, or finally completed something that you have been spending large amounts of time on. Appreciating your successes will help to boost your confidence and encourage further endeavours.

As well as successes, noting certain mistakes or failures can help you become a more rounded person. Understanding the things you could have done better or ways that a situation could have been dealt with more smoothly will give you a chance to reassess or consider similar situations and things later on.

To record special events

Just like photographs, recording something on the day that it happens will act as a reminder of that particular moment. Special events occur continuously throughout people's lives. Whether it is something as big as a wedding or job offer, or as small as receiving top marks on a test or going away on holiday, diaries are a nice way of holding onto those positive feelings. Directly recording will make it more detailed, giving you the chance to fully encompass and thrive in your personal joy or excitement.

A reminder to your future self

Looking back on who you used to be will show you how you have developed as a person. Diaries allow you not only to revisit particular memories and places but also to revisit your former, younger self. They can make you feel grateful and appreciative of what you now have, compared to before, or show how you have progressed.

If you are looking for a place to store your thoughts and feelings, we have a selection of high-quality notebooks in a variety of colours and sizes. At Walter Newbury all of our products can be embossed with personalised details such as names, dates, or special occasions, in gold, silver, or blind writing. Contact us today for more information.