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Frequently Asked Questions

We use and recommend 90gsm which is usually the standard for most University's.
We prefer a 2.5cm margin around all edges to allow for sewing and trimming. If you have used Microsoft Word to produce your work then the standard margins will be acceptable. Our minimum requirement is 2.5cm on the bind edge. Ensure that foldouts and diagrams produced have reasonable margins and that page numbers, headers and footers are positioned no less than 2.5cm away from the edge.
Binding your thesis usually takes about 5-6mm off the sewn edge. We would recommend that you accommodate for this in your document layout.
The PDF is the industry standard for document sharing. This means that we can more reliably print your document regardless of the original platform or format of the original source document.
If your thesis is already in PDF format that is fine, you will not need to convert your document. Instead you will be given the option to upload your own PDF on step 5 of the order process.
We can only accept one PDF per thesis order. You can combine multiple files from our pdf conversion page. To do this select the number of files you need to convert, use the file browsers provided to locate your files and convert as normal. You can use this to combine your PDF files as well as other documents.
We can bind documents with as few as 30 sheets of A4 paper, however any less that that and we may not be able to fit text onto your spine.
We can bind up to 500 pages, if you have more than 500 we would recommend splitting your document into multiple volumes, and binding each volume separately.
Yes, this allows you to pick up your thesis from our premises the day the binding is completed. Please see our collection times for reference.
On our One Hour Super Express binding only service, we would complete the binding of your thesis for you to collect one hour after you deliver it to us. This service is only available if you deliver your thesis to us no later than 3pm that afternoon.