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5% Discount for 4 or more copies of the same format (Hardbound or Softbound)


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Please enter the number of pages within your Thesis that are black and white and/or those that are colour.
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* Please note: all printing will be single-sided unless requested double-sided in the 'Additional Notes' field below.

( 6p per page )

Total number of Black & White pages: 0

Cost per Thesis : £0.00

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Total number of Colour pages: 0

Cost per Thesis : £0.00

Your Total Printing cost is : £0.00


Your Binding Requirements & Turnaround Time:

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The cost of Binding & Turnaround Time is : £0.00


Optional Extras:

Please select any optional Extras you require for your Hardbound and/or Softbound copies.
The costs are calculated based on your Binding Requirements you have selected above.

* You MUST select Yes or No here, even if you have not selected the Hardbound option above



£1.00 per copy

£4.50 per copy